Monday, June 13, 2016

"You were born to Twirl & Swirl" Dance Recital Favor

When I'm creating little favor gifts like this one, I often start simply by looking for products that will appeal to little ones and giving it a dance-themed spin. So, I usually find things when I doing my regular grocery shopping.  And, if you've read my blog at all, my life these days sort of revolves around my daughters and their dance team.  Lest you think that's sad, this time I have with them is so very fleeting that it brings me great pleasure to do even these little projects in support of their team.  And, it provides me with a creative escape from the mundane.  Enough said. 

Here's the breakdown...start with healthy fruit roll-up snacks. Measure the package and design your tag to fit.  Cut or use a cutting machine to cut out little sparkly paper bows. Write or use a cutting machine's pen attachment to write and cut the cute little tag.  Staple the tag to the roll-up, and use a hot-glue gun to cover the staple with the bow.  All done!  

Little bows are the perfect way to use up scraps from a previous project!

I like to use card stock weight paper for tags... it just looks better!

Vary the colors for interest when on display!

Quick and cute dance recital favors!

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