Thursday, June 2, 2016

Dance Recital Luggage Tags...Free Printables!

  Since this is my second post of the day, I'll keep it short and sweet! Literally! Here are two sweet printable sheets I thought I'd share for dance-themed luggage tags (including a couple for boys).  I'm printing and laminating these cuties to sell at a recital gift table next month.  I posted detailed instructions for this project back in June of 2014, just search tags in the blog search box and you'll see them.  And, once my printer decides to cooperate, I'll post some pics of the finished tags...but for now, here's the printables! 



  1. When i printed these, they came out pretty small. is there a way to get them to print bigger ?

  2. Sorry for the delay! Google didn't alert me to your comment! On my Mac, you would just select fit to page or zoom options until you reach the scale you like on your print preview image, then print. Hope you figured it out on your own, again so sorry not to comment earlier!