Friday, June 19, 2015

Sock Cupcake Dance Recital Favor with Free Printable Tag

"This cupcake is not to eat, it is for your dancing feet!" reads the little dancer tag for this adorable play on a messy, sugary cupcake (no mom wants their daughter eating one of those back stage at a recital)!  

So, here's all you'll need for one more of the dance recital favor gifts I put together this week, and again, simple was the word of the day! 
You'll just need some ankle socks (I bought some junior/women's size and some girls size socks at my Big Lots store for $5 a pack), medium sized (depending on the thickness of your socks) rigid cupcake cups, red mini pom poms (JoAnn's),  cellophane bags (Dollar Tree's smaller size), 1/4" grosgrain ribbon and the free printable tag I've included below.  I had all but the socks already among my standard craft supplies, so maybe you won't have to run around too much to gather the items together either! 

     The pictures below show how I offset the socks a bit before rolling to get the longest spinning effect I could.  I then folded the socks at an angle so the roll would go from tall to shorter as it rolled.  Last, just tuck it inside the cupcake cup and top with the "cherry" pom pom.  Since I was preparing them to sell, they went inside a cellophane bag tied with ribbon with a tag attached.  Cute and practical for a dancer of any age!

Here's the free printable image for your tags!

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