Thursday, June 18, 2015

Bling Friends Forever

 Yay! It's summertime! I've got a few quick posts to share over the next couple of days of some cute little items I made for a dance recital gift table fundraiser my oldest daughter's dance team is holding this weekend. I revisited a few of my previous posts and updated them for the younger girls who will be shopping this weekend. That means lots of pink, purple, sparkles and princesses! 

     Here's the first little idea, a play on the popular BFF phrase..."Bling Friends Forever." One headband to share, and one to wear!

    I purchased two sets of 6 sequin headbands at my local JoAnn's (I used a coupon, so if I'm remembering correctly they were about $2.50 per set).  After designing and printing the cards onto heavy card stock, (I've included a free printable .jpeg file below!) I mounted them on.  I just made two sets of 1/8"x 1" slits at each end of the blank portion of the card using an exacto knife. I then carefully slid the folded ends of the headbands through the slits about 1" and taped the tail down on the back.  The card fit right in a Dollar Store clear cellophane bag, and voila, done!

     I think these would also make fun little birthday favors, or to attach to the top of a friend's birthday gift. Shine on!

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