Thursday, June 18, 2015

Bibbidi, Bobbidi, Boo....Good Luck to You!


     Alrighty, here's post number two for today...can you tell I blog in spurts?!  To continue with the small dance themed gift items, here's a little ribbon wand that is a spin on an earlier post where I made fan spirit wands.  The ideas the same, I've just used pastel 1/4" ribbon and added a cute little gift tag that would suit any little twirling princess perfectly!

    The wand starts with the diamond back braiding technique using two colors of ribbon, a 1/4" dowel and some hot glue.  You'll need 2 ribbon sections 6 times as long as your dowel, then find the middle of the ribbon, criss-cross at the end of the dowel, rubber band it at about 1/4" down and start braiding (You can find a great video on YouTube that I mentioned in my earlier post about diamond back braiding!)  When you reach the other end, tie knots in the alternate colored ribbons over the end of the dowel, and you're done!  I put a hole punch in the corner of the tag (free .pdf file below), and slid it up the ribbon.  Oh, and I almost forgot, if you are an adult carefully seal the ends of your ribbons with a quick pass across a lighter or match to ensure they don't fray.  

You're ready to twirl girl!

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