Thursday, February 9, 2017

Good Luck Girl! and You're Gonna Ace This! Dance Competition Favors or Motivators

As I mentioned in my previous post, I've got lots of sharing to do to catch you up on all the fun projects that I've had in the works to fill the competition gift table I run for my two daughter's dance team.  You could make these for the same purpose, or just for a team motivation gift or competition favor.

After Christmas sales are a great time to pick-up some ''sweet" deals on candy to repackage as small gift items. Here's a couple made from those plastic candy canes filled with red, silver and green Hershey kisses which I bought for just 29¢.  The key is to separate the red and green to downplay that they were once Christmas candies.  And, I've included two cute little tag .pdf's for you to of charge!

Bargain Christmas Candy!

You're Gonna Ace This! Tag
Good Luck Girl! Tag

Green and silver kisses, small cellophane bag (Dollar Tree), tag & a paper bow (Cricut)

Red kisses, small cellophane bag, tag, and a red/white twine bow.

You're Gonna Ace This! Favor

Good Luck Girl! Favor
Free tag .pdf!

Free tag .pdf!

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