Friday, April 8, 2016

You were born to SPARKLE...Take Two!

Free "Born to Sparkle" tag available in original 2015 post!

It's my day to revisit some projects from last year and post some updates... and here's another one!  These sparkling water can favors were packaged with bottle cap magnets last year, but to keep it fresh for this year's gift table I made laminated bag tags to attach.  So, for this project you do need access to a laminating machine.  I'm sure most schools have them, and would probably let you use it if it's for a school's own team.  Also, I purchased the bag tags at Office Depot (they include the hanger piece) for around $15 for 25.  There are larger quantities online for much less, so I'll keep that in mind in the future for this project.  
The step-by-step for making the bag tags is available in an earlier post of mine (just search bag tags), so for now I'll just share the generic dancer/dance team designs I came up with using Print Shop for Mac (see FREE .jpg file below).  In case you're wondering, the can and bag tag combo were sold for $3 each. I made sixteen for our gift table, and we sold out by the end of the competition day. 

The bag tag .jpg attached for your use!

I added some glitter ribbon to finish the team style!

FREE .jpg file for your use! Finished size of cards to be cut to 3.5"x2"

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