Thursday, February 12, 2015

Dance Team Travel Pillowcase DIY

Here is a beginning level sewing project that could be made as a team gift, or in my case to sell at the team's competition gift table. It's a simple travel size pillowcase.
Cotton Yardage

I bought some nice cotton cloth (100% Made in America line) in cute prints at JoAnn's, made a simple case and embellished it with letters cut on my Cricut. For those of you without a cutting machine, simple use iron-on letters purchased at your local sewing or craft store. Here are the details:

Step One:  Leaving fabric folded in half (selvage edges together), cut a piece 14" wide (on selvage edge). It will be approximately 23" in the other direction (folded) if your fabric is a standard 44-45" in width. 

Step Two:  Now, normally I would cut off the selvage edge, but since it's just a pillowcase I wasn't too worried! I just used it as a guide to make a 1/2" fold, pressed with the iron. 

Step Three:  Fold again, 2 3/8" deep and press. Top stitch along edge at 1/8" (See photos.) 

Step Four: Next, sew wrong sides together (we're making French enclosed seams here), with 1/8" seam allowance. Turn wrong side out so right sides are now facing. Press again. Sew along sides a second time with a 3/8" seam allowance. Turn right side out.

Done! Your pillowcase is now ready for embellishment. My letters were made of satin remnants backed with heavy duty Heat n' Bond on my Cricut, but as I said earlier you can purchase letters as well. Be sure to use a ruler for straight rows of letters, and use a pressing cloth (like an old pillowcase). Happy Trails!

Step Two
Step Three, part one

Step Three, part two

Step Four, part one
Step Four, part two

Embellish with custom lettering!

Great for a early morning bus ride to competition!

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