Thursday, April 24, 2014

Wide-Eyed Jumbo Candy Tower

Aww...Can't you just picture a child's wide-eyed gaze looking up at the tower of candy you've created?  Their imagination running wild with excitement at the thought of having it all to themselves...

Always looking for school auction or raffle ideas? You are not alone!  It seems there's always another reason to fundraise, and this easy and inexpensive jumbo candy tower is sure to attract kids of all ages!  Wanna try it?  

All you'll need is:

1. Candy....think bulk bins and $1 Store
2. Cardboard Cupcake Stand
3. Poster Board, 1 Sheet
4. 2 White Foam Circles (Dollar Tree)
5. Board for Base (I used a sheet cake board!)
5. Hot Glue Gun
6. Toothbrush...just for fun!
7. Clear Cellophane

I know it looks like it took a lot of time, but it went together in only an hour start to finish.  I just wish I had taken photos while working...when I make another I'll add them to this post!  So, for the shopping, I spent about $15 on candy (Chicklets, Bazooka Gum, Laffy Taffy, Lemon Heads, Kisses, Pixie Sticks, Smarties, Sixlets, and Lollipops), PopTarts, and fruit snacks to fill my tower.  I did not buy any candy with nuts due to the potential for allergic reactions, but maybe I'm just over-cautious! 

So, to assemble the tower you'll begin by cutting the poster board into strips that will fit between the tiers of your cupcake stand.  Once this is done, you will roll the poster board to create a circle around the stands center. I stapled the poster board top and bottom, then used the hot glue gun to adhere it to the bottom tier of the stand.  Then attach the second tier, and repeat the application of the poster board.  After attaching the third tier, I pushed the two foam rings over the top of the stand (mine had kind of a handle or top decorative portion.)  The foam was secured with a little hot glue.  Now, this is where is gets fun! You just start at the bottom and apply the large, flat items first (in my case PopTarts, Chicklets and Lemon Heads).  You'll want to space them out before glueing down to ensure a well laid out design.  Then using the smaller wrapped candies fill in all the blank spaces until you can no longer see the poster board or foam.  For the tower's topper I pushed the lollipops directly into the foam, and put a toothbrush in the center...cause let's be honest, they'll need one after eating all these sweets!  Then I glued the tower to the cake board and glued some fruit snacks around the base for added effect.  Lastly, I wrapped the tower with cellophane to prevent sticky fingers.  And, that's it, you've got a quick, easy and cheap auction or raffle item that's sure to be a crowd pleaser!

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