Thursday, April 10, 2014

Mirror, Mirror...Make-Over!

"Mirror, mirror on the wall...whose's the fairest of them all?"  Well, I transformed these $1 mirrors into a sell-out at my eldest daughter's recent dance team competition's gift table.  Fairest? Well, at least cutest! And, they're super easy and inexpensive to make. 

I started with black hand mirrors I purchased at the local Dollar Tree for, you guessed it, a dollar. I like the mirrors in black because of the versatility, but of course you can customize it to fit your needs (my store also had navy, maroon and dark green).  Then using scraps of ribbon, tulle and some rhinestones I made each mirror unique.  Why not add more bling? Well, in this case, I wanted to keep the cost down to maximize profits but go crazy if you want!

I began by using an ordinary pencil to write the word I would be outlining with rhinestones.  Then I used my heat-setting tool and set the rhinestones. But, here's what I learned...the hard way! Even though the tool is literally melting the stone to the plastic once it cools the stones don't always stick.  So, I switched to some high-powered craft glue that dries clear and that did the trick!  On some mirrors, I used sequins to outline the letters which was cute too.  You'll see in the pictures that I also added some jewels along the handle, then lastly, added the ribbon and tulle around the top.  I secured this with a hot-glue gun front and back.  Voila! You're ready for your close-up!

"Frilly Pink Heart"




This is just a sample of the mirrors I made, and I must say it was really fun to think of words that would appeal to a high school dance team member (social media buzz words, slang, etc.).  I would also suggest using team colors to really make the girls fall for them!  But, best of all the other teams just loved them, and many told their parents which one to buy them via text before the parents even had arrived.  They would also make a fun 'welcome to the team' or senior send-off gift.  Not to mention...they would be great as a party favor for that little princess in your life!

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