Saturday, December 10, 2016

"Halftime" Dance Team Performance Favors

Hi all! It's another rainy Saturday here in Oregon, so I thought I'd catch up a bit with the ol' blog.  If you've read my previous posts, you'll see lots of little favors I've made for my girls dance team when they perform, compete or party.  

Here's a group of three different favors, all using the same format of using a business card template in my PrintShop for Mac program.  The first and second favors were a play on the lyrics from the song they performed to..."I can move mountains" and "I can work a miracle." So, a cool mountain graphic and some Disney Frozen fruit snacks; favor one, done.  Second, some cloud graphics to play on the etherial miracle idea and a little Rolo candy.  Lastly, some favors I made for a recent basketball halftime performance. Nothing expensive here, just a little "shot" of chocolate to put some jump in their steps! As always, I hope these inspire you to spoil your favorite team with sweet kindness.

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