Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Toga Night Favors!

As football season begins, so too do the half-time performances for my girls and their dance team. I love this time of year, the new beginnings the school year brings, the crisp autumn air and the...theme nights.  Okay, so I know that last one sounds funny, but they really do get my creative juices flowing. This week's theme, "Toga!"  To rev the girls up before their routine, I came up with this little card and chocolate favor.  All you need is some card stock, a computer/printer (unless you like hand drawn cards), and some chocolates (these Ghiradelli's just happened to be the perfect size and color!)  For the card design, I used my PrintShop for Mac program.  I used a free illustration, then layered the school letters on her bodice, and lastly, I used Greco font for all the wording.  A little dab of hot glue attaches the chocolate to the back of the cards.  Oh! And also as a long-ago sorority girl, I thought these would be a fun big/little gifts as well!  So grab a sheet folks, and go Greek!

Start with your little cards,,,,
...add some yummy chocolate...'s TOGA time!

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