Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Super Sparkly Personalized Water Jug

So, I just might have an addiction to this floral diamond wrap from The Dollar Tree. It's just so darn shiny! All kidding aside, here's another quick project for any of you out there looking to spoil someone with (plastic) jewels.  Of course, these were made for my little dance-teamers but they'd be really cute for lots of uses...like sorority big/little gifts, your favorite trainer at the gym, or a kid going off to camp!

What you'll need:

  • Diamond Wrap (9ft/$1 at Dollar Tree)
  • Large Water Jug (Bought mine from the grocery store.)
  • E6000 Glue (Please use with the window open, it stinks!)
  • Vinyl Lettering (Made mine on the Cricut, but you could purchase ready made letters too.)
Step One: Lay Out Design
The design kind of depends on where the ridges are positioned on your particular jug, but I suggest keeping it simple.  It will make the gluing step much more successful.  I was lucky enough to find the diamond wrap in my daughters' school colors, so that made it pretty easy to nail down how I wanted it to look. After you've decided on a design, pre-cut your strips of wrap to the desired length (you may want to use a bit of tape at this stage if it's shifting around a bit). Don't forget you can cut the strips lengthwise, as well, if you want narrower rows of gems.

Step Two: Glue Diamond Wrap
Using a glue recommended for use on plastics, carefully glue wrap to bottle in the desired design.  Be careful not to use too much glue, as it will push up through the wrap's webbing.  I used a small craft paint brush to apply the E6000 directly to the bottle.  And, starting a one end of the strips, I applied the glue in small sections.

Step Three:  Apply Vinyl Lettering
If you've made your own lettering, just use the standard method for vinyl transfer using transfer tape.  

Reminders...a project like this cannot go in the dishwasher.  Just use a gentle hand when rinsing in the sink, and do not soak it as the letters will probably come off unless you've used water proof vinyl!

Have fun, and be sure to post your designs in the comment section!

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